Care Instructions


 It is preferable to wash your cap by hand.

We recommend soaking your cap in soapy water (with a mild detergent) and rubbing it by hand or with a soft brush if needed. Once soaped, swish it in warm water with a back and forth motion to circulate the water and soap through the fabric. Rinse thoroughly with clean cool water to remove all traces of soap and pat the cap with a clean dry towel before leaving it to dry flat in the open air.

SPOT CLEANING: You can also spot clean the fabric by moistening a cloth, adding a little soap and rubbing the dirty part. To remove the soap you can place a moistened clean cloth over the place that you just cleaned and iron until all traces of soap are removed.


During the drying stage, you can fill the space inside the cap, which will help it keep its shape. DO NOT DRY IT IN FULL SUN. This could fade its color(s).

CAUTION: Heat can deform a cap after washing, so it is not advisable to dry it near a heat source such as a heater for example.